Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rockin' Utah

Rockin' Utah (Reaching Out Connecting Kids In Nature) is a fun way to get outside to play, discover and explore Utah's state parks.
Rockin' Utah is part of a nationwide Children in Nature effort, based on Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder by author Richard Louv. His book describes how children would rather be playing a video game, hanging out in a mall, or texting on a cell phone, than playing outdoors and how the concept of camping and hiking is becoming more foreign to young people.
That's what we did this weekend.
We signed up for a free weekend at the Fremont State Indian Park for Friday, June 27 and Saturday, June 28.
Friday we arrived early a the Museum and watched a video and toured the museum and picked up some maps of interest. We then went to the campsite (Stowe Farm)and set up. Mark and Talmage then went for a hike. Bethany and I started also, but she kept wanting to be held so I took her back for a nap. They also had mountain bikes and helmets for anyone who wanted to use them during the weekend.
At 6:30 pm when almost all the other families had arrived (there was a limit of 10) then they started the dutch oven demonstration as well as giving away goodies (we got state pins, postcard books, caps, and water bottles). We also got a free night parking certificate for the regular campground. The grub was delicious (ham steak & potatoes, chicken & potatoes, and hamburger & potatoes; along with cobbler). After they did a campfire and did Cowboy poetry and stories.
In the morning another delicious dutch oven meal, a few more goodies (we got a couple of nice duffel bags) and an exercise on survival. Also, each family that participated got a dutch oven.
Kari (Car-ee), who was at the visitors center when we arrived Friday night, was there Saturday morning and she invited Talmage back to the museum for a backdoor tour. We went and played in a new area where kids can climb a ladder and be in a pretend kiva (?) all equipped with hides and baskets and pottery; and they got to wear some leather Indian clothing made for this as well. We also got to see where they keep the items not on display and a big pottery piece they are putting together that no one else has seen. The kids then each got a rock animal. We then hiked on # 5.
We came home, hot, happy and tired!
What a great weekend!!! In August we go back for another day experience.
(pictures later)


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